Maybe your home needs door jewelry


Like most people, when I live with something for long enough, I stop seeing it. This is quite convenient when it is an eyesore. I refer to this affliction as being “design blind.” Rather than getting irked when I look at something, I tune it out until I eventually forget that it exists.

For the past year, while I have been focused on tackling some heady renovations, I became utterly “design blind” to my impressively dated brass doorknobs.

Filmore crystal knob by Baldwin. Photo / Michaela Ristaino

Filmore crystal knob by Baldwin. Photo / Michaela Ristaino

Now, for all you design sponges, you may already know that gold hardware is making its way into fixtures BIG time, but 20-year-old pitted brass hardware … well, it is not so awesome.

Updating your hardware is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to hit the refresh button. Plus, there are some new finishes on the hardware scene that can really perk up a place.

According to Kevin Bean, the director of marketing for Baldwin: “Our three top selling finishes are Satin Nickel, Venetian Bronze and Oil Rubbed Bronze.” I am not surprised that bronze, which is a brownish-black finish, is popping off the shelves. It adds a bit of drama to a white door, especially when you trick out the hinges to match.

Now if you are feeling adventurous (and all the hardware hotshots agree), gold finishes are on the rise.

If your home is heavily steeped in silver tones, and you want to get the Midas touch, don’t worry: This is the perfect time to mix metal. Gold-toned hardware is gracing all sorts of doors next to stainless fridges and mercury lamps.

“The other big shift is, while knobs will always be a big part of our business,” Bean says, “they are seeing a trend toward lever-style handles.”

Whatever you choose, you should know that there are some killer options right now.

For me, since I love vintage-inspired finds, I have been crushin’ on crystal doorknobs. They are like door jewelry. I love how they feel weighty and cool to touch. Plus, a great doorknob makes me feel like something impressive must be waiting for me on the other side.

Last week, armed with a screwdriver and a detailed instruction sheet, we installed my door bling. Come on, doesn’t this make you want to go roam the pages of hardware heaven?

— Amy Archer is owner of Sarasota-based Creating Inspired Design and writes the Barefooted Designer blog at She can be reached at

Amy Archer

Amy Archer is owner of Sarasota-based Creating Inspired Design and writes the Barefooted Designer blog. She can be reached by email.
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