The long search for the ideal seat


Don’t tell anyone, but I never grew up thinking that sofa styles were particularly fascinating. The arms are usually rolled or straight, you add a few cushions, some wood or chrome legs and — voila — you have a couch. No big deal, right?

1004150556 FL_SAR_AHARCHER27BThe weird thing is that I spent nearly 20 years of my life designing sofa collections. Before you take pity on me, I also cranked out countless chairs and sectional styles as well.

To be completely honest, sometimes I grew tired of coming up with a new twist on seating styles. I mean, how many different designs can you make from blocks of foam and wood? However, what kept my fuse lit was that I absolutely loved creating furniture that I imagined people living their lives upon.

Really, I mean it. Think about how much of your life has played out on your cushioned pieces. You plunk down on them and exhale after a long day. It’s often the place to go to have a a talk, a laugh, a cry or a snuggle. It’s where your family can unfold. For some, it’s a pet-friendly zone. Or, if you live like me, it’s home to a preposterously large bowl of popcorn and a fight over the remote.

Some people are quite attached to where they perch. They come home and beeline it straight to the same bum-dented spot on the couch or a favorite chair. These are my people, although I must warn you they are also part of a new study. (Note: This study is only in my mind.)

These folks may suffer from what I refer to as TSD or Territorial Seating Disorder. You will recognize that you have this affliction if some unsuspecting soul sits in “your seat” and you suffer from a profound illogical angst followed by an unnatural desire to toss the “offending sitter” out the front door.

At the ripe age of 53, I take my sitting quite seriously and fully admit to having TSD.

So, with decades dedicated to stylish seating, it is fairly ironic that I arrived at my new home without a sofa to sit on. Sarasota marked a new chapter with a fresh start and new fabrics.

This was the first time in my life that I ever had to hunt for a sofa as a customer.

I love clean lines, narrow arms, cushy down seating and alabaster-colored natural fabric, which looks great in a room, but is completely impractical for people who don’t live in a bubble.

After a long search and some serious sample sitting, I selected a crazy-long, super-cozy, down-feather-filled, snuggly slip-covered sofa with thin arms.

Her name is “Dolly” by Robin Bruce. She beckons you to sit on her cloud-like, plump cushions. That is until you hear my shrill voice saying,

“No, no — don’t sit there.

Amy Archer

Amy Archer is owner of Sarasota-based Creating Inspired Design and writes the Barefooted Designer blog. She can be reached by email.
Last modified: December 3, 2015
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